“Tanz, Habibi!” is simple in use, softly designed theme created especially for websites offering various wedding services. This theme offers specific templates for photography, videography and DJ services, however, it does not mean that only these types of services are suitable for this very theme.

There are many websites offering flower arrangements, chair covers, table decorations, cakes decorations and so on. All this suits finely this very theme, just ignore specific page templates related to video and music, use other page templates used in theme and you will get same look and feel of your website.

Here is example of how “Wedding Cakes” service page may look:

Wedding cakes post example

Wedding cakes post example

Or just view it live

However, if you offer videography and DJ services, the theme fully covers these needs. You may use both embedded video and self-hosted audio instead of featured image and get same look and functionality as you see on the demo.

Besides, theme comes with multiple page templates which you may use or ignore–it just depends on your needs.

What do you need to know in order to arrange the theme properly?

  • To have hosting, domain and install
  • To be familiar with WordPress Dashboard, tools, interface, features
  • To read and follow Help PDF file included into theme

What if you wish to customise or modify the theme?

Majority of things you might want to customise you may customise via Dashboard–Customiser without touching the code. Here is a screenshot of theme options (detailed description of what and how to use you will find in Help file):

Customise panel in dashboard

Customise panel in dashboard

However, if you wish to modify theme pages layout, colours, blocks of content, rearrange blocks, replace things, remove features and so on you should know (more or less) css, html, js and WP php.


Page templates

  • 4 versions of Home page
    • With Intro sliding panel, About block containing excerpt from Press, list of Services
    • With Intro sliding panel, About block containing excerpt from Blog, list of Services
    • Without Intro sliding panel, About block containing excerpt from Press, list of Services
    • Without Intro sliding panel, About block containing excerpt from Blog, list of Services
  • 3 versions of About page
    • Main block, Team, Press
    • Main block, Team
    • Main block
  • 4 variations of Gallery (Collections) page
    • Full-width page with image gallery
    • Photo albums with sidebar (opened as single post)
    • Video collection with sidebar (expanded as sliding panel)
    • Audio collection with sidebar (expanded as sliding panel)
  • Press page
  • Testimonials page (on base of default WP commenting system)
  • Contact page
  • 3 variations of Default page
    • Full-width page
    • Page with sidebar
    • Page with contact form
  • Single post templates for 4 categories: press, photo, video, audio and single default


Theme comes with several custom plugins written especially for this theme. You are free to install them or ignore (depends on how will you arrange your website content). Here is the list of plugins:

  1. Custom Post Type (CPT) “Services”
  2. Custom Post Type (CPT) “Team Members”
  3. Social profiles for “Team Members”(widget)
  4. Social profiles for theme in general (widget)
  5. Image Slider (widget)
  6. Modified WP Gallery shortcode expanding with prettyPhoto script

Technical information

  • Tested on all major browsers (Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, IE)
  • Tested on iMac, Windows and iPhone 4S
  • Fits all screen resolutions from 2560 px down to 320 px (minor issues are expectable on 320 px screens)
  • Translation ready (comes with text domain)
  • Accessibility ready
  • Tested with W3 validator
  • Tested with Theme check
  • Tested with Theme Unit


What is included into theme pack?

  1. “main-files” folder: theme folder, Help folder, demo content xml, “wp-tanz-child”
  2. “wp-tanz” folder: installable folder with all required theme files
  3. Note: posts + slider images, audio tracks, videos are not included!